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H2O Expulsion by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

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We’ve all been there. Getting ready for your big wedding day, prepping for a fitness contest, or simply want to look your best, but you’re bloated. Holding extra water from stress, poor nutrition, or a long night out on the town. But there is help. Over the counter help that can help you look dry, lean, and hard for that oh so perfect day.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals H2O Expulsion is an amazing diuretic complex you can add to your existing supplementation or as a stand-alone to help you control and maintain water levels in muscle and at the same time eliminating excess water under the skin…the kind you don’t want. H2O Expulsion is intended to help keep your muscles full while helping you drop the subcutaneous water your body is temporarily holding.

There is no better natural diuretic on the market than H2O Expulsion. If you want that ripped and vascular look, this is the only supplement that you need. And best of all, both men and women can use this supplement. So, get that look…whether it’s a bodybuilding show, a day at the pool, or if you have an upcoming vacation…this is the product for you.

  • An All-Natural Diuretic
  • Over the Counter Herbal Formula
  • Effectively Helps Shed Excess Water
  • Provides Greater Muscular Definition