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Lipodrene Hardcore by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

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The Strongest Fat Burner with Ephedra Extract!

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Lipodrene Hardcore is a diet and energy aid for serious weight loss that is well, hardcore. This revamped formulation is still great for even the most loyal lipodrene fans in which this is thermogenic that offer more acacia, slightly more caffeine, and slightly more stimulants. The hardcore stimulants in this blend provide for an eye-opening blast of energy.

So what kind of results should you expect from taking Lipodrene Hardcore?

  • Serious Weight Loss
  • Burns More Calories
  • Increased Energy without the Crash
  • Mood-Boosting & Feeling of Wellbeing
  • Suppress Your Appetite
  • No Crash

This has a blend of other powerful ingredients that work well in both men and women. These include ephedra extract, caffeine, and Acacia rigidula as well. Along with other cutting edge ingredients, using Lipodrene Hardcore, you are going to burn more fat and feel better than you ever have ever experienced

If you are going to have all the cutting edge ingredients, you need to make sure they are fully absorbed in the body. With Hi Tech’s tablet Explotab technology, you will feel the ingredients working faster and longer than with competitor products. These tablets include “rapid release” and “extended-release” technology. That is a big reason you get the long-lasting effects without the crash that people hate! Customers noted that they get the “eyes wide open” feeling almost immediately after taking Lipodrene Hardcore. That’s why it’s one of our biggest movers in 2017 and will most likely continue in 2018!

Another amazing ingredient in Lipodrene Hardcore is Acacia rigidula extract. This ingredient is sometimes referred to as the ephedrine imposter. Why? It’s the most effective metabolic stimulator available. It has many “double-blind placebo-controlled studies”. The effects of this ingredient were even featured at the Arnold Classic.

It has been shown to promote increased metabolic rate and thermogenesis. You can increase your resting metabolic rate by 12% compared to caffeine only being at 3.5%. This 12% rate was even higher than those taking 10-30mg of ephedrine. This is just one more reason why this product is so effective.