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Will your child meet his/her full potential?

Never has it been so great to be a kid! Technology, paired with curiosity provides endless possibilities for the foundation of a successful life. But not every child will make it… Distractions, options, and a young minds thirst for constant mental stimulation can leave the brightest child bored, unmotivated, and running the risk of blowing the opportunity provided by a solid education.

Lack of Focus, Mood swings and inappropriate behavior, along with the pressures of fitting in with other students and social circles can leave todays children despondent, and the story of “Could do better” and “Struggles to keep up” is often blamed on the child, without thought given to those who may just be too sharp to gain from an educational system that can often leave behind its best recruits.

LumUltra Prep is designed to support healthy brain function in children aged 8 years old to teens, to aid in unlocking your child’s true potential, and help them not only level the playing field, but stack the odds in their favor during those crucial early years to win the game of life…


If you have noticed underperformance in your child’s attention, confidence, or behavior then LumUltra Prep’s key Nootropic ingredients may be the ace up your sleeve. Shown in individual trials and research to provide support to core brain functions, Prep sets to work straight away on “uneasy feelling” or occasional nervousness – normally caused by subconscious distractions – allowing your child to maintain focus on tasks given. The calming properties of Prep help balance mood and behavior making social interactions with others a breeze, leaving a happy, calm, relaxed child. 


Prep is a breakthrough brain supplement for the young mind, supporting mood, focus and concentration levels, motivation to work/study, all while lowering nervousness and agitation levels that can often lead to an introverted character. Research into the individual nootropic ingredients in LumUltra Prep have been shown to provide: 

  • Clarity of Thought
  • Less Irritability
  • Enhanced Focus
  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Fewer Distracting Thoughts
  • Nervousness and Agitation Reduction
  • Boosts Alertness
  • Increased Confidence
  • Calmer Reactions

Prep is delicate on the stomach, and chewable.

Most children know superpowers are only available to super heroes. Well LumUltra Prep breaks a few rules here. 

Your child will love the delicious taste of each flavor, and love you for giving them a head start in life, preparing them for the bright future they so deserve.