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Melatonin by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

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Often have trouble sleeping? If you’ve ever been kept up all night by lack of sleep, you likely know how frustrating it can be. Start falling asleep faster and more reliably with Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Melatonin

Melatonin is known as the “sleep hormone” because of how it helps you fall asleep. Melatonin works with your body’s circadian rhythm, also known as your sleep and wake cycles, by signaling to your body that it is time to sleep. Through this process, it can help you fall asleep faster, and when you need to. This is why melatonin greatly helps those with non-traditional sleep schedules for work or travel and times that it is not necessarily dark outside when melatonin levels rise naturally and tell your body it is time to sleep. 

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has a superior melatonin formula because of the fact that it contains immediate release and sustained release melatonin, totaling 10mg of melatonin in one serving. This combination of immediate and sustained release melatonin helps your body fall asleep naturally and signals to your body to stay asleep as well. 

  • Drug-Free Sleep Aid
  • Promotes Normal Sleep Patterns
  • Immediate & Sustained Release Formula
  • Provides 10mg of Melatonin per Serving
  • Helps Body Balance Sleep & Wake Cycles