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SF 103 18″ Deadlift Wrist Straps

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Spinto-103 Wrist Wraps 18″:

Spinto’s 18’’ long wrist is constructed from a super heavy blend cotton-elastane fabric for superior support and longevity. These wraps are definitely not for the fainthearted. You can evidently see in our wraps the workmanship with compared to that of our competitors – ours are built to last!
Our wrist wraps will provide your wrist joint with additional support during pushing movements such as bench presses, shoulder presses – as well as back squats and snatches where the wrist is put under duress. After trying our wrist wraps during 1-5 RMs, you’ll notice the difference immediately.
Super Heavy weight cotton-elastane construction build to last
Reinforced stitching to prevent fraying
Velcro fastening with thumb loop
18″ in length
Perfect for Bodybuilding, Weightlifting or Power Lifting
Sold as a pairs

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