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Xtract High-Definition Diuretic by Axis Labs

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New precision formulated water loss agent from Axis Labs potentially shows results in as little 12 hours and helps with a shredded appearance in 72!* Whether you are a bodybuilder or figure athlete preparing for a competition or you need to lose additional pounds of subcutaneous water by the weekend, look no further than Axis Labs XTRACT. The benefits are:

  • Water Loss
  • Competition Strength
  • Helps Gets You Ripped and Dialed-In
  • For Both Men and Women

Introducing XTRACT; The only high-definition water loss product with our exclusive HyperDry Infusion formula. Now you may effectively experience:

  • What it’s truly like to get ripped and dialed in
  • Water loss that gets you dry and lean
  • A shredded physique without losing competition strength